Halloween Follow up

So the Halloween party went well.  Though I did skip the makeup but everyone seemed astonished that I painted my nails, takes like 5 minutes people I didn’t know it was that epic.  Sorry to say no photos, we simply didn’t take any.  So general conclusions: - I need to get out en femme more … Continue reading Halloween Follow up


Halloween Prep

So four hours to go before the Halloween party.  I had never actually made bird seed breasts they turned out quite well actually.  Have not decided which wig I'm going to wear, I suppose it depends on how my make up works out. I am still apprehensive about this but I am optimistic it will … Continue reading Halloween Prep

MP Rob Anders criticized over ‘bathroom bill’ comments

Fore warning I am very political and am a member of the Liberal Party of Canada.  I loath ignorant Conservatives, support the NDP and follow the Green Party leader on Twitter.  This is a post about a political news story in Canada. Quick explanation of the Canadian Political System.  Canada is a federal multi-party Westminster … Continue reading MP Rob Anders criticized over ‘bathroom bill’ comments