Themes, designs, content and time

As some may have noticed my theme has been changing up a little lately as I try to get the correct look for my blog. This has been difficult as many of availble theme's display the entire post or really need photos to display properly. My preference is to have just the title and perhaps … Continue reading Themes, designs, content and time


Boxers or Briefs?

Crossdressing certainly adds a different level to the “Boxers or Briefs” debate in men’s fashion, as for crossdressers it’s “Men’s Boxers or Women’s Briefs?”  I am reasonably sure that panties are the most common crossdressed item for several reasons but the most likely ones are ease of underdressing and shear eroticism.  I am sure from … Continue reading Boxers or Briefs?


Labels are one thing we as a society use to recognize and identify each other and ourselves, and this community is no different.  For me the issue is that we tend to shoe horn ourselves into these labels and so I am going to take a brief look at Crossdressing and Transgendered. First a label … Continue reading Labels