Breasts are Awesome

Ok so about 18 months ago I decided to swallow the pill, well pills on a daily basis. Hormones have all sorts of fun effects on the body but the two I have enjoyed the most is breasts which I expected and lack of body hair which I like more than I thought. And while I’ll get into all of the changes I’m starting with the one I’m sure everyone is wondering about my fancy new assets, tits, boobs, funbags, breasts.

It all started simple enough, slowly. My nipples got harder and a bit more sensitive and then seemingly not much else for awhile. I was thinking that not much was happening but during the same period I made some poor life choices and put on weight. This was layered on with a knee injury and working on the road and I was not in a great place. But I went down my first 10 lbs and all of sudden on my chest I had breasts! Small but breasts none the less right there on my chest. I’m up to a B cup right now and so while my cups are not runneth over they are definitely fuller than they ever have been before. The feeling of filling up my bra cups with my own breasts is better than I had hoped. I put a bra on and pull a bit of flesh and boom nice full bra cups with my very own boobs. There is also the feeling of them moving sometimes, you don’t notice them most of the time but here and there you get a “My chest is jiggly” feeling, which is fun. Thus far this is not surprising but what has surprised me is just how damned proud of my tits I really am. For a long time I was using silicone breast forms to fill out my bras and this gave me gender euphoria without a doubt but since I figured out that I can fill out bras with my own shoulder boulders I have pretty much given up on silicone. It now feels a bit weird to layer silicone on top of my precious girls that I have put so much work into getting. I think if silicone is involved in my melons in the future it will be internal not external moving them from bee stings to sweater stretchers, though the jury is still out on that (Well that and an accountant, fake breasts are $5000 a piece).

Beyond having the extra wiggle and jiggle on my chest, those distinctive feminine mounds under my shirt, and my bras being filled it’s having actual cleavage that’s amazing. I am sure we have all worked over the years to get some of that glorious cleavage and if you’re anything like me you got pretty good at it. A mixture of tape and bras and you have your very own chest trench to show off. Well I do not have to worry about that nearly as much anymore as an off the rack push up bra makes my rack look pretty, well pretty.

What are my conclusions then? Well I now have breasts and I will always have breasts as they are one of the permeant effects of HRT. Bras used to be a hobby and now they are a fact of my life as I have to decide much of my mammeries I want to show off. Right now with the right sports bra they don’t really show off that much but with the right push-up bra they show up really nice. I adore them and I am so happy that I grew them and am able to knock an item off of my bucket list. Now how happy am I with the size? I am sitting at around a B cup right now which was actually where I wanted to be, well a C or D cup also would be pretty darn great but harder to hide while in guy mode.

Should you get some breasts? Quick answer, if you want them get them. I am very happy with mine and they have fulfilled those dreams I have had since I was young of having breasts. Are they as big as I had always dreamed? No. But they fill my bra and are my breasts, MY BREASTS, and even though they may be itty bitty titties it doesn’t really matter as they are my itty bitty titties . It’s still a little weird to think about them as mine even though they are just sitting there. There are down sides such as you will always have those mounds on your chest, but that may also be a plus side.

I love to hear from people who read my blog, even if your not in agreement with me. Your comments may spur me on to write something else so please comment.

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